Do Not Leave Your Future To Chance — Get An Attorney

You need an attorney in matters of criminal defense and traffic tickets. If you are accused of a crime, you cannot navigate the legal process on your own. The consequences you are facing are overwhelming and life-changing.

Missouri operates on a points system for traffic violations. If you accumulate enough points from uncontested traffic tickets, your license could be suspended or revoked.

You should not leave your future to chance, nor should you let points accumulate on your license. I am attorney Nikki Moody, and I am ready to represent you and do everything I can to ensure your future is safe and your license stays in your hand.

A Trial Attorney You Can Count On

From my St. Louis office, I help clients all over the city and the surrounding areas get the representation they deserve. I am experienced in criminal law and a trial attorney, which means I take every case seriously and treat it as if it were going to trial. You will want to be ready to face anything, and I will ensure we are. With me on your side, you will have the best chance for success both inside and outside the courtroom.

I work directly with all of my clients, and I am committed to helping them understand their situation and their options. You will receive realistic, candid advice, and I will address all of your concerns and answer all of your questions. With my extensive knowledge of and commitment to the law, I will find a defense that works for you.

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I will always act in your best interests and deliver compassionate and personalized service. You deserve to have a lawyer on your side as you face state felony charges or misdemeanor charges. I have the expertise, drive and professionalism you need. Schedule a free initial consultation with me today by calling 314-397-8935. You can also get in touch via email.